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Upcoming Mtn Bike Camp Information

What to Bring:   Packing Tips & List.2017

Where are you going:

Arrival/Departure Times

  • Arrival:  Friday, July 14th between 5-6p
    • Please note that the Group Dinner will be at 6pm however if you arrive later you can take your camper into the dining hall for a meal until 7:30pm.
    • If you are arriving later than 6pm – please let us know.
  • Departure:  Sunday July 16th between 1-2pm
    • We prefer that parents do not arrive before 1pm as it is very disruptive to the program
    • If you are going to be later than 2pm please let us know

Camp Rules/No Bullying

Tri Velo Series has a no tolerance policy for bullying and for breaking the rules.  There is a set of camp rules and it is expected that your camper follow them are we will call you to come get them.  We take the matter very seriously and ask that you spend time discussing the camp rules with your camper prior to arriving at camp.
  • Listen when others are talking – this is especially important when an adult/coach/Jr.Coach/Chaperone is speaking
  • Off Limit Areas – do not go to Off Limit Areas at anytime.
  • Stay with the group.  We are sharing with the camp with other groups and people so it is very important that campers stay with our group at all times.
  • Download Camp Rules

Mail Call/Visits

  • Mail Call  – We do mail call every Saturday night at Camp.  We find that the kids love getting the mail and it has helped with homesickness.  You can email me by Thursday 7/13  or bring it with you.
  • Visits: We don’t really encourage parents visiting as it is a short weekend but if you do come onsite other than drop-off and pick-up you will be responsible for arranging for a day pass from Snow Mountain Ranch.

    Email for Mail Call (By Thursday)

Medical Needs/Dietary Restrictions

  • We have a medical staff person with us at all times from Event Medical Specialists. They will be on site at check-in to discuss needs, concerns, accept medications.
  • The meals are at buffet style and there are vegetarian,vegan, gluten free and dairy free options available.  We do everything we can to accommodate all diets but if there is a severe allergy such as celiac please call so we can discuss
  • Want to Car Pool? Please post on our Facebook page
  • Housing Requests?  We house by gender and actual age. We will not take housing requests and we will not move campers so please respect our process.
  • Electronics: They cannot be used during any activities and we will not be held responsible for loss or damage.
  • We hold a clothing exchange at every Tri Velo Series Camp.  Here is how it works
    • If you have gently used youth sports attire you would like to donate – bring it to check-in.  You do not have to bring anything
    • We receive donations from different people and companies
    • Every camper can take 1 item but there may not be items that fit or work for them – we try to make sure they don’t take home clothes that don’t fit!
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