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Bike Skills

For some, especially those new to cycling, their skill levels don’t match their strength. But you can work on it. Bike handling is a key requirement, not just to staying safe on the bike but also to becoming a better rider.   TVS teaches bike handling skills through a variety of games, drills, road rides and practice races.

Basic bicycle handling skills

  • Turning/Steering
  • Descending
  • Moving in/out of the saddle
  • Braking Balancing on your Bike

More advanced bicycle handling skills

  • Clipping in and moving off
  • Clipping out
  • Looking ahead
  • Leading/Following
  • Keeping straight while looking around
  • Pedaling efficiently
  • Choosing an appropriate gear
  • Riding in a closely bunched group
  • Getting the maximum shelter when behind another rider
  • Riding through & off in a working group
  • Braking
  • Cornering
  • Descending
  • Dealing with obstacles/hazards on the road
  • Using one hand on the bars while eating or drinking
  • Collecting handed up food, bottles, clothing etc
  • Putting on or removing clothing on the move
  • Dealing with physical contact from other riders

Some of the favorite drills are Bump & Thump and Garbage Ball.  The games are so much fun they hardly know they are learning a skill!

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