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Parent Volunteers

Parent Volunteers are essential to the success of the Tri Velo Series! We love them!   To become a Parent Volunteer you simply register via the register link on the respective camp and we will follow up to you.  To help defray the costs of the camps there is a nominal fee of $50 charged per parent.


  • Provide adult supervision for ALL campers on and off the bike
  • You are needed to help supervise and chaperone all the campers not just your own
  • If you are a Parent Volunteer – OFF THE BIKE – you will be needed to supervise and chaperone between the training sessions and between training sessions and meals. This will be highlighted on the final schedule – but please remember that Parent Volunteers – ON THE BIKE – will need to change, etc from the training sessions so we need to rely on Off the Bike Volunteers


  • Be Flexible: there are many factors that will affect schedules so you may have to go with the flow sometimes!
  • Keep the Party Line! Please do not contradict the coach – it is confusing to the camper.   Everyone has a different way of doing things but at Tri Velo Series Camps we follow the lead of the coach
  • Let your kid be coached! Be careful to not hover too much around your own kid – let them be coached by our team of coaches.  If there is a concern bring it to Deirdre
  • Have fun! You are in a beautiful spot for the weekend with great people – enjoy it!


  • Corral the kids! Not just your own kid but help corral the kids to where they need to go.  Keep everyone moving in the right direction
  • Prepare the bikes: Help rack the bikes after each session and make sure they are ready to go for each ride session.
  • Cabin/Lodge Chaperones:
    • Kids cannot be in the rooms without supervision – if you are assigned to supervise the lodge then you need to be in the area
    • Make sure everyone has what they need – we have an extra supply of toothbrushes, towels, etc.
    • Make sure they go to bed when they should and are respectful of others trying to sleep.
    • Help them stay organized and keep the room clean.
    • Help them pack and clean the cabin/lodge on the last day
  • Meals: There needs to be an adult at every table. The exception would be teenagers and JCIT’s – they can sit on their own.
    • Please make sure they bus their tables.
  • Snacks: We will have plenty of Clif products and snacks available throughout the day.  If a kid is hungry let them have a snack!
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