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Junior Coach Program

It is important to provide an opportunity for today’s youth to assume leadership roles in the community. To do this the program must provide structure and guidance to ensure we are meeting the needs of the youth.    We have the perfect opportunity to provide a Junior Coach program that allows the teen to:

  • Be a part of camp setup
  • Be mentored by a member of the Coaching staff
  • Set and meet both personal and program goals
  • Get to know other participants in his or her age group
  • Help all participants to engage in the program experience
  • Foster a sense of team spirit and fun
  • Be a great role model

Additionally, the teen will make lasting friendships while enjoying many benefits including:

  • Experience for future positions
  • Assistance in setting or clarifying future goals and the career experience to begin reaching those goals
  • Valuable 21st Century leadership skills
  • Reference letter
  • Opportunities to make lifelong impressions on the lives of children
  • Continue to improve their skills on the bike


  • Assisting with the coaching of training groups.  At times Jr. Coaches will be in charge of a group of youth
  • Leading by example at all times especially in all group settings
  • Responsible for assisting in off the bike activities as assigned
  • Off the Bike Duties include
    • Cabin Chaperone
    • Bike Pit Maintenance Crew
    • Meal Moderator
    • Check in/Check out Duties
  • Commitment to attend the full weekend is mandatory
    • No early departure


JCIT (Jr. Coach in Training) Program.  There are a large number  of campers that are great on the bike and are interested in becoming Jr. Coaches but are not quite old enough or perhaps just not ready for the responsibility.  Being a Jr. Coach does mean helping chaperone younger campers and that is not an easy task!
The JCIT Program provides specialized training to hone both their skills on the bike while also being taught how to teach and coach. On Sunday, day 2 of camp, they will be given the opportunity to act as  Jr. Coach and start to take on some leadership roles.

Becoming a JCIT does not mean they will be asked to become a Jr. Coach but it will now become a requirement for the Jr Coach program.


  • JCIT – simply register as a JCIT when registering
    • Must be an advanced cyclist
    • Must be 12 or older (chronological age not race age)
    • Previous Jr. Coaches will be invited and given a deadline to respond
    • If you have never been a Jr. Coach please send a letter of interest to : Deirdre Moynihan, Camp Director
    • Please be sure to answer these questions in the letter:
      • Why do you want to be a Jr. Coach? What do you hope to gain?
      • How would you handle a situation of bullying?  Example:  Camper A has been teasing Camper B.  Camper B retaliates by taking cell Camper A’s cell phone and taking selfies.  Camper A pushes Camper B into the wall.  Both Campers are spoken to by Director and apologize.  The next day Camper A continues to tease Camper B.
      • Do you understand that as a Jr. Coach you are accepting a leadership role and must lead by example?
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