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Inspiring the Next Generation

Standing in the pouring rain in Austin Texas during the 2014 USA Cycling Cyclo-CX National Championships, watching the junior races I was filled with such pride and joy.   It was a complete mud bath but it didn’t deter any of the Colorado juniors at all.  Many achieved great results but more than that they all finished with a great sense of pride and accomplishment.  It was a very hard race.

It was hard not to notice the community gathered to support these young racers and the camaraderie between the youth.   The young racers were supportive of each other regardless of the team they were on.  They cheered for each other and congratulated each other at the finish. The Tri Velo Series camps cannot take complete credit for their wins but it certainly played a role in the success of the day.  And I was so proud of helping build that community along with the coaches, the junior teams, the parents, and the racers themselves.

Tri Velo Series  is about taking that success and spirit to the next level, providing more opportunities to encourage youths to join the ranks of junior cyclists and to provide resources for those junior cyclists that are ready to take it to the next level.

Tri Velo Series grew out of the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado (BRAC)’s  tremendous junior development program.   Beginning with the leadership of Beth Wrenn Estes and Fran Summerhill, and continuing through the many leadership changes, BRAC has been dedicated to the Jr. Development Camp program, and it subsequently grew and became well known in the local and cycling community.

Tri Velo Series set out to accomplish the following goals before the end of 2017:

  • Offer Road, CycloCross and Mountain Bike Camps
  • Make the Rocky Mountain Jr. Cycling Challenge a nationally recognized Junior Stage Race
  • Serve as a resource to juniors and parents
  • Make cycling accessible to everyone by providing scholarships

It is important to get juniors on bikes – recreationally and competitively.  It is good for the juniors and it is good for the sport.


Some of the highlights:

  • A 9 year old came to mountain bike camp with a BMX bike and just regular shorts & tshirts. He is a child of a single hardworking mother of 3 who struggles to make ends meet.  He was surrounded by youth that had mountain bikes and cycling attire but that did not deter him.  With great determination he joined in on all trainings with a smile on his face.   At lunch we presented him with cycling clothes and he just beamed with excitement.  There was a noticeable improvement in his cycling that afternoon.   At the end of camp we presented him with a bike – a real mountain bike!  He was so excited and he has been riding trails every day since he got home!
  • Another young cyclist started with the camps at age 7 and now is frequently seen on the top podium.  He has sensory processing disorder and cycling has helped him focus.  In his words:  I liked riding my bike all weekend with new friends.  I love to ride my bike all the time. Riding my bike helps me be calm and work out my energy when my body needs something to do
  • Many of the campers have become National Champions at Cyclocross, Mountain Biking and Road Racing!  So cool!
  • Hannah J. called from Oklahoma about camp.  No one would let her participate because she wears a backpack with a G-tube – it is like a feeding tube that pumps a dextrose solution directly into her stomach. Other organizations felt it was too dangerous but we said come on!  Hannah is now an active, successful racer because we gave her a chance!


As they say:  Win Win!

Bike Skills

For some, especially those new to cycling, their skill levels don’t match their strength. But you can work on it. Bike handling is a key requirement, not just to staying safe on the bike but also to becoming a better rider.   TVS teaches bike handling skills through a variety of games, drills, road rides and practice races.

Basic bicycle handling skills

  • Turning/Steering
  • Descending
  • Moving in/out of the saddle
  • Braking Balancing on your Bike

More advanced bicycle handling skills

  • Clipping in and moving off
  • Clipping out
  • Looking ahead
  • Leading/Following
  • Keeping straight while looking around
  • Pedaling efficiently
  • Choosing an appropriate gear
  • Riding in a closely bunched group
  • Getting the maximum shelter when behind another rider
  • Riding through & off in a working group
  • Braking
  • Cornering
  • Descending
  • Dealing with obstacles/hazards on the road
  • Using one hand on the bars while eating or drinking
  • Collecting handed up food, bottles, clothing etc
  • Putting on or removing clothing on the move
  • Dealing with physical contact from other riders

Some of the favorite drills are Bump & Thump and Garbage Ball.  The games are so much fun they hardly know they are learning a skill!

RMJCC Time Trial Schedule

Alpha List of Time Trial  (Download List)

Start Time Last Name First Name Race Entered
4:15:30pm Borjas Ociel ITT M Juniors 13-14
4:16:00pm Campbell Zach ITT M Juniors 15-16
4:30:00pm Castagneri Simon ITT M Juniors 17-18
4:15:00pm Charlet Andrew ITT M Juniors 13-14
4:03:00pm Christianson Kaden ITT M Juniors 11-12
4:16:30pm CoatsBallaseux Aidan ITT M Juniors 15-16
4:14:30pm Cotton Riley ITT M Juniors 13-14
4:00:00pm Dalles Charles ITT M Juniors 9-10
4:03:30pm Dalles William ITT M Juniors 11-12
4:17:00pm Devin Rory ITT M Juniors 15-16
4:08:00pm Diemar Courtney ITT F Juniors 11-12
4:00:30pm Diemar Jack ITT M Juniors 9-10
4:04:00pm Dwyer Colin ITT M Juniors 11-12
4:01:00pm Edwards Ian ITT M Juniors 9-10
4:30:50pm Elzi Zacharey ITT M Juniors 17-18
4:36:00pm Frost Alexander ITT M Juniors 18-23
4:31:00pm Garry Pano ITT M Juniors 17-18
4:14:00pm GravesVangilder William ITT M Juniors 13-14
4:35:50pm Graybill Marshall ITT M Juniors 17-18
4:17:30pm Hall Sinclair ITT M Juniors 15-16
4:18:00pm Hart Oliver ITT M Juniors 15-16
4:31:50pm Hetzer Duncan ITT M Juniors 17-18
4:01:30pm Hickey Brandan ITT M Juniors 9-10
4:09:00pm Hickey Cassidy ITT F Juniors 13-14
4:32:00pm Howell Bobby ITT M Juniors 17-18
4:32:50pm Huddleston Maxwell ITT M Juniors 17-18
4:02:30pm Jaramillo Alexis ITT F Juniors 9-10
4:08:30pm Jaramillo Makala ITT F Juniors 11-12
4:09:30pm Johnson Taylor ITT F Juniors 13-14
4:21:30pm Jordan Hannah ITT F Juniors 15-16
4:18:30pm Lang Kenneth ITT M Juniors 15-16
4:13:30pm Mercier Marius ITT M Juniors 13-14
4:21:00pm Morgan Jamie ITT F Juniors 15-16
4:13:00pm Outlaw Graham ITT M Juniors 13-14
4:04:30pm Parrill Jackson ITT M Juniors 11-12
4:19:00pm Pawlak Nathan ITT M Juniors 15-16
4:10:00pm Pensoneau Lana ITT F Juniors 13-14
4:05:00pm Rawley Jim ITT M Juniors 11-12
4:33:00pm Robinson Davis ITT M Juniors 17-18
4:36:50pm Rodriguez Anthony ITT M Juniors 18-23
4:37:00pm Rodriguez Jaeden ITT M Juniors 18-23
4:05:30pm Saur Charles ITT M Juniors 11-12
4:19:30pm Saur Gordon ITT M Juniors 15-16
4:12:30pm Schroder Caleb ITT M Juniors 13-14
4:12:00pm Scott Jared ITT M Juniors 13-14
4:33:50pm Scott Jesse ITT M Juniors 17-18
4:06:00pm SiegelStone Noah ITT M Juniors 11-12
4:06:30pm Simons Andrew ITT M Juniors 11-12
4:34:00pm Smirnov Anton ITT M Juniors 17-18
4:11:30pm Stowers Ryan ITT M Juniors 13-14
4:20:00pm Townsend Gregory ITT M Juniors 15-16
4:11:00pm Truesdale  Jr. Steven ITT M Juniors 13-14
4:07:00pm Wanderer Jules ITT M Juniors 11-12
4:07:30pm white magnus ITT M Juniors 11-12
4:34:50pm White Spencer ITT M Juniors 17-18
4:20:30pm Williams Noah ITT M Juniors 15-16
4:02:00pm williams shane ITT M Juniors 9-10
4:35:00pm Wilson Andrew ITT M Juniors 17-18
4:37:50pm Woy Aston ITT M Juniors 18-23
4:10:30pm Wright Tea ITT F Juniors 13-14

Inspire Orthodontics Partners with Tri Velo Series

Inspire Logo-FINAL-squarewaddressInspire Orthodontics has partnered with Tri Velo Series to support the TVS Scholarship Program.  It is very important to both Inspire Orthodontics and TVS that the cost of the camp program not be a deterrent to participating.   TVS provides full and partial scholarships to campers.  In addition, TVS partners with bike shops and other local nonprofits such as Trips for Kids Metro Denver/Lucky Bikes Re-Cyclery and Project ReCycle to help ensure that the campers have a well maintained and appropriate bicycle for camp.

In addition to the generous support of the scholarship program, Inspire Orthodontics is offering a great promotion for all campers: schedule a screening with Inspire Orthodontics and Dr. Housewright will make pay $50 towards camp registration to any of the 2016 camps, plus make an additional donation to TVS!    A first visit with an orthodontist is important and allows you, as a potential patient, to become acquainted with the staff, the process and the best treatment plan.

To participate in this promotion, simply call Inspire Orthodontics (303-754-0040) , set up your appointment and tell them you heard about it from the Tri Velo Series Junior Camp Programs

Dr. Wade Housewright is dedicated to inspiring smiles that will last a lifetime through his work at Inspire Orthodontics and by helping youth get on the bike and riding!



Primal Wear Donates Youth Jerseys

In support of the Tri Velo Series Camp Program, Primal Wear is donating youth jerseys to the camp for parents/campers to purchase as well as donating clothes for the clothing exchange held at each camp.    This is only a few ways that Primal Wear supports the camps demonstrating their ongoing support to give back to the community and get everyone on bikes!

Order a youth jersey today!   They are being sold at the reasonable price of $30 and all the funds will help subsidize the room and board of the very qualified coaches that work at camp!

Click here to order one today!


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